Pixelbook – 2

Database Clients

One of the things I needed for my limited database activities is database client - currently I am working in a project which is a bit heavy in the database side. I needed two clients - one for Oracle and one for MySql. So my search started to find a good client. I was using SQLDeveloper from Oracle as a client, but I did not want to install that in the Linux environment and it was too heavy. In addition, I was using MySql workbench for connecting to Postgre or MySql from my windows desktop.

Enter SQLWorkbench/J - finding this tool after a long time of not using Oracle was wonderful. Not only it was light weight, but provided most of the features similar to that of the SQL Server management studio. Just copy the zip file to the Linux folder, ensure that the appropriate Java files are included and you are set to go. I still had to copy a couple of ODBC drivers to connect to Oracle, but again I was able to copy that in the same folder as SQL Workbench and I was up and running.

For MySQL though I used the Chrome MySQL Admin tool, available in the Chromestore. It was a bit tedious for me to connect to the AWS platform, but once I copied pasted the private key it worked like charm. No issues on this as well.

Chrome MySQL Admin

Code editors

For coding - I have a server which I remote into and use the full Visual Studio installation. But given that I can also code within the Pixelbook, I have now installed a couple of tools

  • VS Code: This is a straight forward install from the Linux Pixel%20Book%202/sample.jpgdistributions, lots of links in the web to show how to install the VS code. This gives the full ability to develop any application
  • Caret & Zen Code Editor: These are two applications I installed for viewing the code in the Pixelbook. These are my light weight alternatives to notepad++. I use Caret a lot based on for the formatting and syntax highlight. Zen code editor seems to be good, but I did not use much.


Now for the easier part - I have a couple of email accounts and are either office.com or outlook.com accounts. So not using a Gmail within a Pixel book and I also didn't want to open multiple browser windows and I also needed calendar to be integrated. With all these I installed "Evolution". This is a pretty good client which connects to the Office 365 and also to outlook.com. It integrates with Calendar and also downloads contacts. Yes - I could have used a android client, but with the display size of the pixel book, I needed something native. So if you are looking at a good email client, use Evolution. This might not contain all the bells and whistles as "Outlook", but it is close enough for me.

That is for now.. Next edition will cover the remote desktop clients and office clients..