Pixelbook Go

Pixelbook GO

This week I purchased Pixelbook GO. I was a bit frustrated with a heavy windows machine I was carrying all the time. Whenever I checked on the Surface Pro, it was either costly or the stand behind which made it unusable as a lap-top model. So I wanted something sturdy to sit in my lap and work. In addition I wanted it to be usable as my office laptop.

As a enterprise / Solutions architect, most of the times I end up in emails and diagrams and solution-ing. But I do need to help with coding and POC and querying the database and also doing samples.

So finally I went and got a Pixelbook GO with a hope that I could use this as a development PC. This is my first week of two week trial and I can return it if this doesn't work for any reason. But so far, I should say I am impressed. The Linux within the Chromebook is amazing to have any tool that you need. Since I work in a client place and they have own security, certain things were not working. Here is a gist of what I need.
- Oracle Client
- Write basic code (.NET, Javascript, React & Node)
- Email client (not web based)
- MySql Client
- Remote desktop to office
- Remote desktop to home as needed

With this, I will provide details on the multiple things I installed and what I ended up with using. Overall, I am happy with the purchase of the Pixelbook GO which is super light weight and usable with an awesome keyboard.